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Depression in the Elderly

Depression in the elderly is a widespread problem that is often not diagnosed and frequently under-treated. Many people will not admit to the signs and symptoms of depression, for fear that they will be labeled as being mentally unstable, weak or crazy. Some people may be aware of their depression, but believe that nothing can be done about it.

Friends and family can help the depressed elderly person by spending time with them. Spending time with grandchildren is a way for the elderly to stay active. Sometimes the young adults need to be reminded to spend some time with their grandparents.

When Depression is Due to Loss

Each individual has to find the courage and strength to continue to live their life at their own pace. Not everyone deal with tragedies and losses the same as others. Some people need a longer time and a slower pace to return to living a normal life after losing someone.

By: Ellen J. Barrier

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How to Trust God When all Other Resources Have Failed - Book

Many people encounter stress, due to lack of scheduling their daily tasks. Some wait, until the very last minute, before doing anything. Scheduling, my tasks a day ahead, make them easier for me, the next day.

Before I started scheduling, my tasks were overwhelming! Trying to get too many things accomplished – caused difficulty in sleeping. This brought on sleep apnea attacks. Working outside of the home, being a parent, and spouse – and having to attend events, can be very stressful!  And increasingly stressful, if you are a student or a career parent.
I can relate to all of the above.

Scheduling Tasks:

Never schedule more than you know, you can do. Start with a few tasks for each day. Make a six-day schedule. Make a shopping list. Plan the shopping list, on the day, that is not your shopping day. This allows to carefully list all of the things you will need, until you need to visit the store again. Never wait until you run out of food, before you go shopping. When I shop, I buy enough food to last for two weeks. But, I will visit the store two days, before I run out of food.

*Laundry should never be done while other tasks are being performed.
*Plan your menu for the next day, and don’t alter your plan.

Holiday preparation:

1.Start shopping several days ahead of the holiday:
2.House cleaning and shopping, shouldn’t be done on the same day
3.purchase foods that you know your family will eat
4.Shop when you aren’t rushed for time
5.Shopping for food and gifts for the holidays, aren’t stressful when done on
separates days
6. Shop for gifts on the days  you have more time to spend in the store.
7. Pick a time of the day or night, that you feel the stores in your community
are less crowded.

Allowing Time for Yourself:

This is very difficult to do. But when it is done, it relieves tension, that causes stress.
Before going to bed, take time to unwind. Find something that helps you to relax. Never schedule any tasks for all 7 days of  the week. Use one day to have some freedom.

I found that sitting on the floor and stretching, along with taking deep breaths and some other forms, of exercises – I came up with, help me to relax, and sleep more comfortably. Since these exercises, have greatly helped me, I want to share them with others.
Illustrations, and information, for exercising – and stress related illnesses, are listed in the book above.

Chapter 8:         Exercises to Relieve Tension and Tone Muscles
Chapter 14:       How to Deal with Stress


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What is yoga

What is Yoga?

It is a Hindu spiritual discipline which includes the relaxation of the mind and body.  Yoga is a good way to experience the spirituality of the mind, body and spirit. In Yoga the mind, body and spirit are fused to be one. It helps you to maintain a distance between various day to day tensions, struggles, sickness, etc. It helps you to relax after a tiresome day.

Most Westernized yoga classes focus on learning physical poses, which are called asanas. They also usually include some form of breathing technique and possibly a meditation technique as well. Some yoga classes are designed purely for relaxation. But there are styles of yoga that teach you how to move your body in new ways. Choosing one of these styles offers the greatest health benefits by enabling you to develop your flexibility, strength, and balance.

Before You Start: Staying Safe While Practicing Yoga

Even though for most healthy people yoga is a safe non-aerobic form of exercise, it is not without its risks. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the yoga injuries most commonly treated  in emergency rooms involve overstretching and strain from repetition to the:

  • neck
  • shoulders
  • spine
  • legs
  • knees

Also, certain poses can increase your risk of injury if you have conditions such as:

  • severe osteoporosis
  • high or low blood pressure
  • ear problems
  • problems with your spine
  • pregnancy (including risks to your unborn child)

If you are pregnant or have a pre-existing health condition: Consult your health care provider before starting a yoga program. Your health care provider can help you know how to judge what type and level of yoga exercise is safe for you.


Yoga for Exercise at Home

Yoga classes are best for beginners because you can get feedback on your poses and ask questions. If you want to try doing yoga at home, there are videos available that offer fitness-based yoga. Here are a few that I’ve reviewed:

  • P90X Yoga: You have to purchase the whole P90X system to get the yoga workout, but it offers a nice at-home routine.
  • Yoga For Beginners: Body + Soul: Pilates for Yoga offers an introduction to this ancient form of spiritual and physical exercise. The disc contains a variety of starting poses designed to lead the viewer slowly and easily into this discipline.
  • Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown Jillian Michaels, winning trainer on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” introduces a new yoga workout unlike any other. Combining hard-core yoga power poses with her dynamic training techniques, Jillian will get you real weight-loss results fast. YOGA MELTDOWN includes two complete 30-minute workouts that include a warm-up and cooldown. Begin with the Level 1 workout which focuses on quickly flowing yoga sequences to burn mega calories. Then progress to Level 2 which adds twists and balance poses for an even greater burn.
  • Yoga Pregnancy: Pre and Post Natal Workouts: Pregnancy and Mothering are some of the most challenging and fulfilling times in a woman’s life. An appropriate yoga practice can help us stay healthy, happy and calm, both as we prepare for and recover from our babies arrival. The 30-minute pre-natal sequence is designed specifically to help moms-to-be develop the strength, flexibility and mental focus that will help them not only in the delivery process but also in facing the new challenges of mothering.

Depression and Distress   1 comment

Depression and Distress

My heart is smitten, and withered like grass; so that I forget to eat my bread. By reason of the voice of my groaning my bones cleave to my skin. I am like a pelican of the wilderness: I am like an owl of the desert. I watch, and am like a sparrow alone upon the house top.

But thou, LORD, shall endure for ever; and thy remembrance unto all generations.

When the LORD shall build up Zion, he shall appear in his glory. He will regard the prayer of the destitute, and not despise their prayer.

This shall be written for all generation to come: and the people which shall be created shall praise the LORD.

For he hath looked down from the height of his sanctuary; from heaven did the LORD behold the earth: to hear the groaning of the prisoner; to loose those that are appointed to death;

Note: When people are experiencing overwhelming pangs of despair from the loss of a loved one or loved ones, terminal illness, health problems, loss of income, personal property, (one of both home or vehicle), and other personal losses; when there is no place to go for help, or when help comes too slow;

stress becomes unbearable and if not controlled, the individual will lapse into stages of depression. When a person becomes distressed, the mind looks for a way to escape from the prison that individual feels they are in. There are different methods people seek that they feel will best help them. During these times sleep is most affected. Some people experience panic attacks.

The writer of this information shared his experience with us. He turned to Spiritual intervention for deliverance and help, to rebuild his life.

Source of information: Psalm 102:4-7 & 12-19 (K.J.V)

When Hate is Too Great a Burden to Bear   Leave a comment

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thine hand shall find out all thine enemies: thy right hand shall find out those that hate thee. ~ Psalm 21:8

My Thoughts:

When we talk less and listen closely to things that are published, we can gather lots of information, including some negative things that are being said about us. Some of the talk that is “heard through the grapevine,” comes from people who we discover to be our enemies. That’s when we have to use our knowledge to determine how we want to deal with those who hate us.

Hating those who hate us is too great a burden to bear. But, we know we can’t ever turn our back to our enemies. We have to watch and pray, and always be prepared to defend ourselves with a sound and righteous plan. Our enemies are always plotting and looking for ways to destroy us.

The enemy doesn’t care how he or she destroys. Their only purpose is to win. They have no remorse. They see their accomplishment as a victory. An enemy can’t be a friend. That would be impossible.

Source: Life quotes lib & King James Bible

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Healed from Stress

Although, I am a very blessed woman, I just like others, have to go through my share of trials and tribulations. Some of my trials and tribulations consist of losing my grandson, Chris, who played football for the Miami Hurricanes and enrolled in a graduate school, died in a car accident in February of 2002.

Another drastic event that I had to encounter, was losing my oldest son, Elder Willie Searcy, to a battle of cancer. Willie, was the founder of the Marantha Church of God in Christ, located in Mt. Pleasant, Texas.

Two years later, (2006) death came and took my husband, Milton Mims; he died of heart problems. It was during these trying times that stress had entered my life. I realized that my heartaches and all that pain inside, was too much for me to handle.

Therefore, I began to ask myself, What is stress? Stress is a force, pressure, and strain that produces a change in one’s life, which is what I had experienced. All of those bad things (death of loved ones) that happened to me, brought about a change in my life; I began feeling frustrated, unhappy, and very overwhelmed. Because of the stress, my daily life was affected greatly.

I started making bad decisions and could not handle or deal with daily tasks. At that time, I did not understand why I couldn’t function as I normally did in the past, especially with the simplest thing in my life; but now, I know it was stress, which does dramatically affect the mind and body, and makes it harder to cope with everyday living. I had allowed stress to take over to the point, where I couldn’t thank God,  because I thought he had forgotten me.

I felt helpless, and didn’t think I could rely on anyone. So, I began to go to the doctor, who would inform me that I was “Just under a lot of stress, as well as a state of depression,” which I didn’t want to accept. It was hard for me to believe it was stress, that was making my life so miserable. Needless to say, the doctor gave me some medications, which didn’t make me feel better; actually, it made me feel worse.

I began to loose weight, because I didn’t have any desire or appetite to eat. I almost gave up on my health; I would just lay around the house, and isolated myself from everyone. But, thank God for deliverance.

One day a missionary came to my house, and laid hands on me, and prayed for my deliverance. I began to realize that God had sent me a message through this woman. God was telling me how to get my life back in order, because he was not through with me yet. He was telling me how to eliminate stress, and start living again. God stepped in, right on time, as he always has. God told me to “Go to church at noon everyday and pray, and lay before him.” I was to read his word and continually praise him and lift him up – give Him the Glory. He put his words in my mouth to speak to his people.

When he gave me the answer that I had been seeking, I decided that I would not live a stressful life. I knew that I now had a way out from under the devil’s – stress, which was through God’s word. The Word says, ” I will not leave you nor forsake you, Lo, I am with you always even unto the end of the world.” (Matt.28:20).

It was then,  my sleep began to change in the direction that God guided. I began sleeping on my Bible, anointing myself and speaking God’s words to the stress demons. Yet, it seemed like the more I spoke God’s word, the more the mountain of stress would try to build. It was then and there, that I made up my mind that the devil is a liar,  and that God’s words work. “Wherefore, take unto you the whole armor of God that you maybe able to withstand.” (Ephesians 6:13-14). I found out that the enemy yields only to what he must, and what is taken. Therefore, the ground must be taken.

God’s word gave me the authority, to take my life back. He let me know the scriptures can’t be broken. I continued to pray everyday,  and read other books on God’s healing. I did these things,  because healing was what I needed. Every morning and night, I would read God’s word and quote it. I had to learn through his word. There are many people who are saved and stressed out, because they aren’t taking care of their bodies and mind. They need to learn to relax, and meditate on God’s words.


By: Mrs. Margine Mims

Founder of the Black Community Scholarship Foundation

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