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Self-inflicted Wounds that Destroys a Relationship   1 comment

written by Ellen J. Barrier

Self-inflicted Wounds that Destroys a Relationship

Cheating Lying and Secrecy Can Destroy a Relationship

These self-inflicted wounds that destroy a relationship can also cause health problems to the other individual.

The health of the body is determined by the condition of the mind and the soul of a person. Living in an unhealthy condition in a relationship can have a tremendous effect on the body, mind and soul that can be harmful to a person’s health.

Physical Health___ Body     Mental Health ____ Mind       Spiritual Health ____ Soul

When any one of these components of the body’s make-up is harmed, it affects the entire being.

Choice:  Choosing to stay in an unhealthy relationship for the sake of being with someone is a bad decision. Nothing profitable can come from such a dysfunctional relationship. The result is pain, which ends in poor health and sometimes the loss of life. In some cases the loss of a career and financial support is another affect due to a bad decision.

Living in The Past

When disagreements occur, bringing up unpleasant past events during conversations can lead to arguments that can result in hurtful words said. This can result in making a decision that is not based on a rational judgment. Anger causes people to react with a negative response that can be physical and verbal.

When there is No Choice:

Women and Girls Suffering in Silence Because of Fear



Engaging in extramarital Sex or multiple sexual affairs is risky   3 comments

The Price We Must Pay For Our Father’s Sins by Ellen Jean Barrier  (IMDb member 3 years) (Autobiography)

Official Selection for Best Screenplay 2013 at The Beverly Hills Film Festival.   Available to read in ebook @

In a relationship, a couple should be faithful to each other.

There is a risk for contracting sexually transmitted diseases, and spreading them to others, when engaging in sexual encounters with different partners. There is also, the possibility of getting hurt or endangering someone’s life or getting killed over a love affair.

To get involved with a person who is presently in a relationship, such as the young man did in the story, Self- Restraint from Sexual Temptation is using poor judgment.  The woman referred to her husband as “The good Man.”  She had no respect for her husband and neither for her body or health concerns for anyone else. To her, sexual encounters with different partners were a game.  And it was one that turned out badly for the young man.

Story:  Self- Restraint from Sexual Temptation

Self- Restraint from Sexual Temptation

The danger of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and spreading them to others or losing one’s life or perhaps taking a life and sometimes being at fault for another person loss of life are things to consider before getting involved in a relationship with someone who is presently in a relationship.

These are the Symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Diseases & Related Conditions:

Bacterial Vaginosis – an infection which symptoms include an odorous vaginal discharge. The vaginal odor may be fish like, and grey in color.

  Chlamydia – Chlamydia is a silent sexually transmitted disease, caused by Chlamydia trachomatis bacterium.

The disease can  affect about three quarters of women and half of men without them knowing they have it.  Parts of the  body  infected:  rectum, urethra, eyes, liver, throat and lungs. In worst cases, it can cause infertility.

 Gonorrhea– a disease affecting the sex organs that is passed on by sexual contact.

  Hepatitis Viral – a group of viral infections that affect the liver . The most common types are Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C.

Viral hepatitis, is the leading cause of liver cancer and the most common reason for liver transplantation. An estimated 4.4 million Americans are living with chronic hepatitis; most do not know they are infected. About 80,000 new infections occur each year.

Herpes (Genital) – a sexually transmitted disease caused by the herpes simplex virus. It affect the genital and anal regions with painful blisters.

There is no cure for herpes. Treatment can reduce symptoms and decrease the risk of transmission through sexual contact.

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About this Story

The Price We Must Pay For Our Father’s Sins is a “Slice of Life” Story

The Price We Must Pay For Our Father’s Sins is Coming Soon in PG-13 MOVIE

The Price We Must Pay For Our Father’s Sins is a movie production film.  It is a ‘Slice of Life story’ that deals with life issues; money, power, sex and violence. The description for this film is: Feature film, Theatrical film, TV film or Life time film.

Jim Elliott is the head of a corrupt organization, where crime and acts of terror are committed against humanity; nobody crosses him and lives to talk about it.

He is a man of great influence in society, well educated in criminal law, has wealth and power, and uses it all for evil means. His family must pay the ultimate price for his behavior. Living in a free society, is not one his family can ever experience because of his sins.

“Death is the inevitable price we must pay. Freedom is not a thing my family nor myself has ever experienced.”__ Tony Elliott

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