Men who Prey Upon Females   1 comment

Sexual Assault and Battery
A man should never take an advantage of a female to sexually abuse her, and physically harm her, to satisfy his own sexual pleasures. Such behavior, harm a female mentally as well as physical. It doesn’t matter how many years that have gone by since the abuse occurred: to the female, the pain from the assault will never leave her.

Sexual assault and battery, are common in society. These acts have always occurred since the days of old. There is no place where they have not occurred. Now, is the time to clean the souls of those who have committed these acts against females, by confessing and asking forgiveness.

The younger generations of males, will benefit from those who live by an example of treating girls and women with respect.

Written by Ellen Jean Barrier

Author of: The Price We Must Pay For Our Father’s Sins

Book: The Price We Must Pay For Our Father’s Sins

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One response to “Men who Prey Upon Females

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  1. There is need to educate young children from early years on valuing body as Holy Temple of God bought by the Blood of Jesus. And let the child know boundaries and avoid play ground jokes humiliating girls as sex objects for fun. By teenage years society tell children from 16 years old they are entitled to sex as a human right. They are NOT taught sex must BE ONLY in context of marriage and consent. Therefore the wrong impression is created that people are free to indulge in sex as they want. Most men have double standard of desiring a pure good virgin to marry while sowing their wild oats around recklessly. This promotes also porn and treating women as sex objects to entertain men. There is issue of perceived “power and control” associated with sex so ability to fulfil selfish desire at expense of a woman not interested is seen as rejection of a man. In other words, some men think they can have whoever, whenever, wherever. They need proper education to teach and train them on high moral values of God. At the same time past abuse can be overcome and dealt with not to turn abuse into idol worship to focus only on for the rest of life. God uses abused people like Joyce Meyer, Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Billy Connolly, among the others to accomplish great things in life to the Glory of God. Be a thriving survivor not victim, ‘abusing’ yourself refusing to move on so let abuse define you for the rest of your life. Jesus has great friends like Mary Magdalene once woman abused found Favour with God and a great testimony in Bible. Thank you and God bless you.

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