Captain’s Chair Leg Raise – Abdominal Exercise   2 comments

Captain’s Chair Leg Raise

The captain’s chair leg raise is effective move for the rectus abdominis as well as the obliques.  The captain’s chair looks like a large chair with no seat. It has a padded backrest, padded horizontal supports for the arms and supports for your feet. The key to keeping this move safe and effective is, first, to avoid swinging your legs or using momentum to bring the legs up. Second, keeping your knees bent will help you focus more on the abdominals and less on the hip flexors.

How to:

  • Begin with your back pressed against the back rest, feet on the lower supports and forearms resting on the upper supports with your hands gripping the handles.


  • Slowly remove each foot from the supports and let your legs hang straight down.


  • Keeping your legs straight and together, lift them in the air in front of your body.  Don’t swing the legs up or arch your back.


  • Once your legs are parallel to the floor, slowly lower them down and repeat.

2 responses to “Captain’s Chair Leg Raise – Abdominal Exercise

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