Surgery postponed – Injured Knee Healed   Leave a comment

Surgery postponed – Injured Knee Healed

I was told I had to have surgery on my left knee, due to a serious injury. The pain and swelling were tremendous. The medication my doctor gave me, caused a serious illness that was life threatening. I had to take two weeks off my job, after having been there for sixteen years without missing any days.

I asked my doctor and the surgeon, who was scheduled to perform my surgical procedure, “How long  will it take my knee to heal after surgery?” Their answer was, “It will take lots of physical therapy. This will take several years.”  I asked them, Will I regain my strength back, after this surgical procedure?

After listening to the doctors explaining the procedure, I understood,  if I went through this surgical procedure, I might be worst of than I was. Although, presently I was in lots of pain, and was loosing my balance. I had fallen a few times, and sustained injuries, one of which was serious.  I decided to postpone the surgery and pray for my healing. My wife and I along with our family, prayed for my healing. A few days after I had postponed the surgical procedure, I returned to work. That was several years ago. My balance is good. I haven’t had any falls.  God healed my knee.


By: George C. Barrier Sr. 

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