Stroke Victim Healed: Memory, Speech, and Walking Returned   1 comment

Stroke Victim Healed Memory Speech and Walking Returned

During the summer in which I graduated from high school, my mother was stricken with a stroke, causing paralysis to her right side-upper and lower extremities, including the right side of her head and face, and loss of speech and memory. She was comatose for several weeks. Her physicians informed us there was nothing else they could do for her. At this point, there were no signs of improvement. They said, “She will never walk again, go and purchase a wheelchair for her.”

A few days later, prior to my mother’s dismissal from the hospital, as I looked down at her small frame lying helpless in bed, the pain of sorrow I felt, is too unbearable to describe. I cried uncontrollably. Then, suddenly there was someone standing beside me, saying with authority and assurance, “This Sickness Is Not Unto Death.”

Immediately, I stopped crying, This voice was not of this world. I have never heard anyone speak in that tone. Therefore, I trembled with fear. There was no one in the room other than my mother and myself. The door was closed. While shaking, I went out of the room to see if someone was at the door,  I didn’t see anyone standing in the hall. I then, checked on my mother, she was still comatose.

I sat down and tried to figure out this messenger. I had read in the bible about God and his Angels speaking to people, but I had never heard of it happening outside of the bible. I accepted the fact that this messenger was of God, because no human being could possibly speak in that tone, with that kind of authority and assurance.

I began to thank God, and praise him, then I stopped shaking. I told my family and the church members, along with our pastor, about my encounter. We all praised God for my mother’s healing, because he had sent an Angel to let us know that he had heard our prayers!

When we took my mother home, from the hospital, there was no change. A few days later, she came out of the coma. She couldn’t speak, and didn’t recognize any of us. We had to care for her as one would care for an infant. She couldn’t feed her self, nor could she move her extremities. Therefore, she had to be turned. She required lots of care.

Two year later, without any physical therapy, my mother, was able to walk without a cane. She didn’t need the wheel chair any more. She recognized us, and was able to speak very clearly. God showed us his power. And for that, my mother along with us, gave him honor and praise. He added twenty beautiful years to my mother’s life.

By: Ellen J. Barrier

Barrier’s Books & Associates

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