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Miracles do Happen

I heard this story about this girl name Mel.  She was in a deep coma; she was in intensive care unit at the hospital, and had just been transferred by helicopter, because the hospital that she was at couldn’t do anything for her. The doctor said,  it was “Unlikely that she would regain consciousness, as her blood Oxygen levels were too low to sustain life. Doctor said that, ” Mel’s family should not get their hopes up too much.”

The doctor also said,  “Most likely,  if  Mel survives, due to low blood oxygen levels, she would have massive brain damage.” Mel’s  family prayed fervently for her,  and organized a prayer team. By morning of the next day, Mel’s blood oxygen levels,  had returned to normal. By the evening of the next day, Mel had been disconnected from all life support machinery, and was breathing. On the third day after my arrival,  Mel regained complete consciousness, and by next week,  Mel had complete recover,  and she had no massive brain damage.

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