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I have been living with a needle in my right knee, for fifty-six years. The doctors discovered it from X-rays on February 23, 2005, after an injury from a fall. However, I have known about it since I was a child. This incident, was due to an accident. It has caused lots of pain and swelling in my leg, since I fell. But through prayer, the pain is becoming less noticeable. This too, shall pass.


I am happy to report to you that, God is my strength in times of needed help. I have had to depend on him for strength to live from day to day. I have a very serious heart condition. When I was a child, I was stricken with Rheumatic fever. The fever damaged the valves in my heart.


This is why I believe God Gives Strength in Times of Distress:


I suffered heart attacks in the years of 1995, 1996 & 1998.


Grandson Murdered in 1998

On a day that started out beautiful, in the year of 1998, that day became cold and very unpleasant for me and my family. When we received the news that my grandson Dumond, had been killed, it broke my heart, and caused great pain and sorrow in all our souls. Dumond, was very special. He was planning his future like most very young adults do. He had a job, and was planning on buying a car. My husband and I raised him. He called me, “Big Mama.”  He was presently living with us, at the time this incident occurred.


Dumond’s death was senseless. His life was taken from him, at the hands of another young man, with a gun in his hands that he had no business with. A gun that reportedly, was taken from the home of an adult, who should have taken the responsibility of keeping his weapon secured. Too many families have had to face the pain of loosing their children and other families members at the hands of another young person, who got possession of a gun. In some cases that have occurred, several children have ended up with guns and killed many others (including adults). These incidents have occurred in neighborhoods, schools, and other areas throughout our country.


These things are heart-breaking and painful. There are times when they seem too difficult to bare. But God sends us an angel, to strengthen us; at the time when it seems the burden of having to accept a loss is too much to endure.



And Moses said unto the people, “Fear not. Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will shew to you today: for the Egyptians who ye have seen today, ye shall see them no more forever.”

” The Lord shall fight for you. And ye shall hold your peace.”

Exodus 14:13,14 (King James Bible)


By: Gladys M. Hayes


Barrier’s Books & Associates

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