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Home on Holidays with Family and Friends   Leave a comment

 Home on Holidays with Family and Friends

Being at home for holiday gatherings, spending time with my family and friends as we gather around each other, Giving Thanks to God for bringing us together again, and sharing stories are special memories. The things we share with each other are deeply felt from within our hearts that neither of us will ever forget. For the gifts that are priceless are the ones that are heartfelt; their roots are within our soul.

The warm words of “Hello, it is so good to see you, again” and the hugs we share showing each other how much we love and care, bring tears to my eyes and warmth in my heart, with each day of knowing we will soon depart.

God sitting upon his heavenly throne has looked down upon us and smiled, as he poured out his blessings of love and kindness to each of us.

The peaceful atmosphere is filled with joy and happiness, as we sit around our table to express thanks to God, is one I will always cherish. I feel a special kind of love for my family and friends, with gratitude to God for allowing us to spend this holiday together once again.

Happy Holidays to my family and friends,

Ellen J. Barrier

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Depression in the Elderly

Depression in the elderly is a widespread problem that is often not diagnosed and frequently under-treated. Many people will not admit to the signs and symptoms of depression, for fear that they will be labeled as being mentally unstable, weak or crazy. Some people may be aware of their depression, but believe that nothing can be done about it.

Friends and family can help the depressed elderly person by spending time with them. Spending time with grandchildren is a way for the elderly to stay active. Sometimes the young adults need to be reminded to spend some time with their grandparents.

When Depression is Due to Loss

Each individual has to find the courage and strength to continue to live their life at their own pace. Not everyone deal with tragedies and losses the same as others. Some people need a longer time and a slower pace to return to living a normal life after losing someone.

By: Ellen J. Barrier

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Controlling Stress   Leave a comment

How to Trust God When all Other Resources Have Failed - Book

Many people encounter stress, due to lack of scheduling their daily tasks. Some wait, until the very last minute, before doing anything. Scheduling, my tasks a day ahead, make them easier for me, the next day.

Before I started scheduling, my tasks were overwhelming! Trying to get too many things accomplished – caused difficulty in sleeping. This brought on sleep apnea attacks. Working outside of the home, being a parent, and spouse – and having to attend events, can be very stressful!  And increasingly stressful, if you are a student or a career parent.
I can relate to all of the above.

Scheduling Tasks:

Never schedule more than you know, you can do. Start with a few tasks for each day. Make a six-day schedule. Make a shopping list. Plan the shopping list, on the day, that is not your shopping day. This allows to carefully list all of the things you will need, until you need to visit the store again. Never wait until you run out of food, before you go shopping. When I shop, I buy enough food to last for two weeks. But, I will visit the store two days, before I run out of food.

*Laundry should never be done while other tasks are being performed.
*Plan your menu for the next day, and don’t alter your plan.

Holiday preparation:

1.Start shopping several days ahead of the holiday:
2.House cleaning and shopping, shouldn’t be done on the same day
3.purchase foods that you know your family will eat
4.Shop when you aren’t rushed for time
5.Shopping for food and gifts for the holidays, aren’t stressful when done on
separates days
6. Shop for gifts on the days  you have more time to spend in the store.
7. Pick a time of the day or night, that you feel the stores in your community
are less crowded.

Allowing Time for Yourself:

This is very difficult to do. But when it is done, it relieves tension, that causes stress.
Before going to bed, take time to unwind. Find something that helps you to relax. Never schedule any tasks for all 7 days of  the week. Use one day to have some freedom.

I found that sitting on the floor and stretching, along with taking deep breaths and some other forms, of exercises – I came up with, help me to relax, and sleep more comfortably. Since these exercises, have greatly helped me, I want to share them with others.
Illustrations, and information, for exercising – and stress related illnesses, are listed in the book above.

Chapter 8:         Exercises to Relieve Tension and Tone Muscles
Chapter 14:       How to Deal with Stress


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Exercise Is Not Enough   1 comment

Exercise Is Not Enough

“My holy of holies is the human body; health, intelligence, talent, inspiration, love, and absolute freedom-freedom from violence and falsehood, no matter how the last two manifest themselves.” Anton Chekhov

When we view the statement above and the thoughts of the Apostle Paul on the human body, we can agree that exercise alone, is not enough to qualify for complete fulfillment of a healthy body; that would include the mind and soul within each individual.

The Apostle Paul clearly believed that there are benefits for the body through exercising, but more is needed to fully benefit the whole person.  Paul stated “For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.” 1Timothy 4:8 (King James Version)

Spirituality plays an Important Role in Good Health

“Look to your health; and if you have it, praise God, and value it next to a good conscience; for health is the second blessing that we mortals are capable of; a blessing that money cannot buy.”_Izaak Walton

Health is something that is very valuable and should never be taken for granted.  We should do all that is possible to take good care of our health. And encourage others to do the same. Prayers are always needed for God’s intervention, being that he is the one who designed our body.

In order for a person to be complete and to have a healthy body, a healthy diet, and a healthy mind is needed, along with a good exercising program.  When a person only exercise, eat unhealthy foods, and have no spiritual consciousness they will tire quicker, and their stress level will be higher.

Be blessed in health and happiness,

__Ellen J. Barrier

Avoid Living in The Past   1 comment

Avoid Living in The Past

Strive for a Better Future and To Become a Better Person

__ Ellen J. Barrier

Avoid living in the past. Accept God’s forgiveness for your wrongdoings, and strive for a better future, and to become a better person.  Otherwise, you will become a prisoner locked behind the corridors of your past.


You Must Release the Past from Your Mind

“But this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth to those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”  Apostle Paul

Living in the Past by Choice

For the individual who are able to make choices, but due to anger and grudges, refuses to let go of the past, he or she made the choice to become a prisoner of their past.  Such individuals are mean spirited people.  Living in their past, only makes them bitter, unkind and unhappy, because they refuge to forget what someone may have said or done to them, that they didn’t like,  and they aren’t about to forget, and in their mind, they are never going to forgive.

The Helpless Prisoner

Some people are afraid to move on.  Therefore, they are living in the past.  There are different reasons for which people are imprisoned in their past.  Fear and unhappiness can hold a person as a prisoner. They  prevent that person from making changes in their lives. They aren’t able to set goals because of the fear and unhappiness they are shackled to. They can’t release themselves from their prison.

The cause of fear and unhappiness is oftentimes due to a bad relationship or abuse that such an individual experienced.  Therefore, they would need someone to help them by working patiently with them.  Otherwise, they will remain a prisoner in their past (psychologically). This is a helpless prisoner.

Source for quote: Philippians 3:13-14 King James Version Bible

Demonic Behavior   2 comments

Demonic Behavior

These are Acts of Demonic Behavior Committed Globally



          (Crowd Look On and Cheer)

A 33-year-old woman and mother of a 13-year-old daughter, who was presently working and attending college to obtain a degree in marketing, was beaten by three men while in the presence of dozens of onlookers who did nothing to prevent her death.

The Incident as reported:

At about 3:00 a.m. the woman was involved in two minor traffic accidents. In this particular area where the accident occurred, traffic is said to be heavy on weekends. One of the cars, reportedly, involved in the accident had three men in it.
Ages reported: a 19-year-old and two 20-year-old. The three men reportedly chased the woman’s car onto a bridge that corners the island of the city of Detroit, and rammed her car, forcing her to stop. One of the three men then, smashed her car with a crowbar and pushed her from the car, ripping her clothes. Then after pushing her against the car, he beat her. She tried to run, but was unable to get away from her attacker, who is described as weighing about 300 pounds. The woman was said to have weighed about 115 pounds and was 4-foot-11. Her attacker reportedly, chased her with a crowbar onto the bridge. At some point, the woman was either pushed from the bridge by her attacker or perhaps jumped from fear of him. Reportedly, the woman vanished in the water.

Detroit, Michigan (1995)

Two Teenage Girls Butchered an Elderly Woman 

In March of 1993, two 17-year-old girls were imprisoned for butchering a partially blind 70-year-old woman. The woman was throttled with her dog’s leash, stabbed and slashed 86 times, then stomped. The injuries to her body were described as: five broken ribs, a broken nose, and injuries to her scalp. The injuries to her scalp were caused from the girls’ attempt to scalp her. After they had murdered the elderly woman, they robbed her of $81.72 in pension money. One of the girl’s was her next door neighbor, who reportedly, had tormented the elderly woman for years.

London, England


Three teenagers, two 15-year-old, and a 16-year-old, were arrested for the murder of a 53-year-old taxi driver. One of the boys was said to have had a business card that read, “Crime Company Inc.” and a detailed plan to rob a bank and kill any witnesses. Another boy was said to have bragged about the murder at school, the next day. According to report, “All three teenagers had previous records, but mostly for petty theft.”

Herzliyya, Israel (1994)


At the age of 31 years, in December of 1993, a child molester and murder told the court that if he was granted clemency, he would “kill and rape children again and enjoy every minute of it.” He was charged with the deaths of three children. In 1989 he strangled a 4-year-old boy and hung him in a closet, and fatally stabbed a 10-year-old and his 11-year-old brother a month later.

He told the court he started molesting youngsters when he was 14. He was placed in a sex-offenders treatment program. He said he agreed to attend the program only to avoid going to jail, and to continue molesting children. The child molester and murderer confessed to having committed crimes that were so terrible, that it makes him sick to think about them.

Spokane, Washington (1993)

The Mind without a Conscious

Conscious in this sense is used in reference to one having the ability to make a logical judgment between right and wrong.   There are some who are intelligent people and can make educational decisions about things, and appears to be normal people. Yet, many of these same people commit wrongful acts and have no consciousness of guilt.  What is it that causes such a problem to exist among so many individuals?

My Thoughts:

We hurt ourselves emotionally and physically when we separate Spirituality from our everyday life. It becomes easy to commit wrongful acts against others and feel no remorse.  We as human beings need desperately to seek spiritual guidance from our creator, to help us in our daily life; to treat others the way we want to be treated, to guide us in our decision making, in order for us to be  better people.

Source: The Price We Must Pay For Our Father’s Sins

Part 11: The Mirror of Society

Copyright© 1997

Authors: George C. Barrier Sr., and Ellen J. Barrier


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